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Nearly 6,000 immigrants live in Tampere, and their number is growing steadily. The parishes in Tampere offer a connection to the church to immigrants practising the Christian faith.

Immigrant work carried out by the parishes is a way of keeping up contacts with the 15 immigrant organisations currently registered in the city. Our mission is to help immigrants feel at home in Tampere.

Immigrants are welcome to participate in regular parish activities, such as child, youth and family work, confirmation classes as well as divine services conducted in Finnish. In addition, the parishes organise camps, field trips, festivities and events together with the immigrants themselves.

A worship service in English is held in the Old Church in Keskustori square each Sunday at 16. The service is based on the so-called Porvoo Agreement and organised in co-operation with the Anglican Church in Finland.

Joint immigrant work is co-ordinated and supervised by
deacon Heidi Repo
telephone (03) 2190 356, 050 541 5833
office: Näsilinnankatu 26, 4th floor

Contact person to English services
Rev. Ville Aalo

tel. 050 4688484


office: Näsilinnankatu 26, 4th floor

Tampereen ev.lut. seurakunnat, Näsilinnankatu 26, PL 226, 33101 Tampere | p. (03) 219 0111 |